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Holland and Barrett hit the menopause

Posted by apgaylard on November 7, 2008

Holland and Barrett 'support' World Menopause DayAnother Week, another charitable day to target, and another set of dubious promotional claims from Holland and Barrett.  This time they have been piggy-backing (somewhat belatedly) on World Menopause Day.  That an event designed to bring some reliable advice to women facing this natural, and unavoidable, transition is used to advertise products of no clear worth seems distasteful to me.

A mail shot improbably entitled, “Beat menopause naturally – save up to 50% on menopause supplements” implies that a range of products can beat the menopause.  The menopause, of course, can’t be beaten; it’s a fact of life.

So much for the advertising strap-line, what of the products that it promotes? Read the rest of this entry »


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