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Homeopath says what ….

Posted by apgaylard on August 28, 2009

bigstockphoto_Feverfew_126686A while ago* I came across the British Homeopathic Dental Association (BHDA).  Their website makes some amazing claims.  I decided to see what they would offer to substantiate just one of them: the claim that, “Homeopathy will give you […] Remedies that will cure ulcers cold sores etc” 

I asked, 

“You claim that homeopathy provides, “Remedies that will cure ulcers cold sores etc”.  Do you actually have any proper evidence to support this claim?  To be quite frank I don’t [believe] that you do, but I’m always happy to be surprised.”

I quickly received two replies from their Secretary:

“Dear Doubting Thomas,  sorry Adrian

The best evidence you will ever find is from the patients treated with homeopathic remedies.  Next time you have a patient, or better, yourself, with a mouth ulcer, you know they usually last 3 days. Buy some Feverfew and chew a harmless useless tablet and repeat two hourly. There will be your evidence.

Some unfortunate patients get bouts of mouth ulcers at regular intervals. Do as I say and the intervals between bouts gets longer until they no longer have any.

Be brave and try. You can do no harm and you might even surprise yourself. Do chew or suck as they do not work if just swallowed


[…] ( Do keep in touch. You might even want to join BHDA)” Read the rest of this entry »

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