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Lewith lashes out

Posted by apgaylard on June 20, 2009

bigstockphoto_Xray_Spine_488820From his letter published in this week’s New Scientist it is clear that Professor George Lewith doesn’t like Edzard Ernst’s recent opinion piece on Chiropractic.  However, it is just as clear that Lewith is prepared to use fallacious reasoning and debunked statistics, among other things, to support his argument.*

It’s not as though he even manages to properly engage with Ernst’s criticisms.  Through cherry picking and a meticulous avoidance of published evidence he first constructs then attacks a straw man. 

His opening accusation is that, “[…] Ernst fails to give a balanced view of Chiropractic”.**  Is this a true reflection of what Ernst wrote?  Well, Ernst’s article maps out the origins of Chiropractic, and then describes three major schools:  Read the rest of this entry »

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