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Here Is the News

Posted by apgaylard on August 12, 2010

These days scientific papers are often accompanied by a press release.  It gives the journal or institution at which the work was done a chance to highlight what they think the main message from the work is.  Some might even see it as applying some PR spin.  The recent paper on a trial of homeopathy on a Leptospirosis outbreak in Cuba (Bracho et al, 2010) has its own accompanying press release.  It’s from the Faculty of Homeopathy, the representative body for the UK’s medically qualified homeopaths, whose stated aim is to promote, “… the academic and scientific development of homeopathy. It ensures the highest standards in the education, training and practice of homeopathy”.

It’s instructive to see what message the UK medical homeopath’s representative body is trying to get into the minds of press and public.

First it’s no surprise that they welcome this apparently successful trial with open arms.  Homeopathy, is the journal of The Faculty of Homeopathy.  The paper appears to confirm the view of The Faculty and provide some justification for its work.  So what message do they want people to take away from this publication?  Is it an accurate reflection of the work?  Let’s have a look and see: Read the rest of this entry »

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Homeopathy Awareness Week and hay fever

Posted by apgaylard on May 15, 2009

bigstockphoto_Sneeze_1643312This year Homeopathy Awareness Week (14th to 24th June) will focus on hay fever.  The event is being promoted by the British Homeopathic Foundation, a charity closely connected with the Faculty of Homeopathy, the UK’s organisation for medical doctors who also practise homeopathy. 

Their website encourages people to “trust homeopathy”.  So, decided to improve my personal awareness of the evidence that homeopathy will do anything to help this unpleasant seasonal complaint. 

After all, given that this event has the backing of actual doctors – albeit homeopaths – I would expect this campaign to some serious evidence behind it.  Read the rest of this entry »

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