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Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Posted by apgaylard on February 14, 2008

I’m beginning to think that complaining to the BBC might just be more than a slightly disturbing hobby: it may even get some results.  First, BBC Radio 4’s Questions, Questions programme actually ran a correction piece after the dowsing debacle (I must make it very clear that my whinge was only one of many).

Now I’ve just had some reassurance that there may be some action in the offing resulting from the Editorial Complaints Unit’s (ECU) recent damming indictment of BBC One’s Breakfast News’ endorsement of a bonkers colour ‘therapy’ for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Here’s the relevant part of a letter I received today from the head of the ECU:

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False Light

Posted by apgaylard on January 30, 2008

In late October last year I complained to the BBC about a ridiculous advertorial piece that it ran on a pseudoscientific treatment for SAD, or ‘the winter blues’ as the BBC called it.

This puff-piece ran as part of BBC One’s Breakfast News programme; rather conspicuous billing.

The therapy, Lightwave Stimulation (LWS), is obvious nonsense with absolutely no proper evidence of effectiveness in any condition; let alone SAD.  Nonetheless a small private clinic, the Sound Learning Centre, will still happily charge you £60 per hour for it.

The piece featured an interview with its Director, Pauline Allen; a person with no medical qualifications.

The Deputy Editor for ‘Weekend Breakfast’ made an entirely unsatisfactory response, so I complained to the BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit (ECU).  I’ve just received their judgement; it makes interesting reading.

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The BBC Is Not as Good as the Newspapers – The BBC

Posted by apgaylard on October 30, 2007

I had a very polite reply from the BBC about my complaint concerning the blatant plugging of Ecowatts‘ “Thermal Energy Cell” on BBC One’s Breakfast News.   

This is a device that is sometimes described as breaking the first law of thermodynamics; at other times it’s just tapping into a new source of energy previously unknown to science.  Either way, if true, it would be time to break out the Nobel Prizes and redraft the text books.

You’d think that was unlikely?  Well, yes very; unless you are Ecowatts or the BBC.

In this post I provide a commentary on the salient points that I’ve sent to the BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit (ECU).  The BBC’s reply to my initial complaint is shown in bold.

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