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In search of the black swans

Posted by apgaylard on June 20, 2009


The April edition of Physics World carried an interesting article on risk-taking in science.  The central question posed by the author was, “are [we] pushing revolutionary ideas to the margins. “

Unfortunately in this thought-provoking and otherwise excellent article the author asserted that “utterly profound discoveries”:

“[…] do not flow out of what the philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn called “normal science” — the paradigm-supporting and largely mechanical working out of established ideas — but from “revolutionary”, disruptive and risky science.”

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No room for the evidence

Posted by apgaylard on June 19, 2009

bigstockphoto_Rejected_1909608Last week I tried to get a modestly sized letter published in the New Scientist, to highlight just one of the very poor pieces of argumentation displayed by BCA vice-president Richard Brown in an opinion piece.  Unfortunately, I failed.  Space is very limited and I guess that they just had to make room for another error-strewn contribution from the indefatigable George Lewith*.

So, I’ve published it here to make at least some use of it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Making your own reality

Posted by apgaylard on August 19, 2008

This is just a short post to note, with disappointment but not surprise, that some homeopaths are still making up things about the meta-regression analysis of Shang et al and others are only interested in parroting them.

Well-known American homeopath Dana Ullman, in an interview which is being carried on the Sue Young Homeopathy website is making up his own reality and it seems that Sue Young would like to live in it, unencumbered by the intrusion of nasty facts. Read the rest of this entry »

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Stuck at a Red Light

Posted by apgaylard on July 1, 2008

As part of my follow-up on the single, small, un-replicated study that underpins the claims made for the LloydsPharmacy Allergy Reliever, Medinose and BioNase products, I was encouraged [Hat tip to dvnutrix] to try and get my concerns about the poorly concieved sham therapy used in this work published in the journal that originally carried the article: the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

Now, as the article is ten years old I wasn’t very optimistic.  However, I hoped that the currency of the commercial claims being loaded onto it might persuade the editors to publish a short piece of correspondence.

Unfortnately, my initial misgivings have been confirmed and it has been rejected.  Now, I do have some sympathy with the editors: the comment relates to an old article, is not on a very glamorous topic and would take up space that could be given to a more recent work.

However, I do think it is important that where problems are identified in the open literature they are given an airing in that literature; otherwise how are we to trust what we read?  In this spirit I’d just like to share with you the correspondence and covering letter I submitted, along with the editor’s response. Read the rest of this entry »

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