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A book and a video

Posted by apgaylard on March 12, 2009

A Book.  The Open Laboratory 2008 is now in print, complete with a much sharper version of my post on anomolies within Kuhn’s philosophical framework.  I would like to thank the judges, for selecting the post, and Jennifer Rohn along with my good friend C P Leigh for their editorial efforts.

There’s a lot of very good and interesting writing in this slim volume.  It’s well worth the price.



A video.  Alom Shaha has released his “Why is science Important?” video via his website.  It’s really good.  A very thoughtful piece of work that should encourage young people, their parents and teachers to appreciate what a gift an exposure to science is.

If you know any teachers, please let them know about this stimulating resource.  My endorsement has nothing to do with me being (briefly) quoted at the end; or the use of a quotation from a better known science blogger.  Well, perhaps a little.


4 Responses to “A book and a video”

  1. dvnutrix said

    Congratulations on your inclusion in both of these and I shall certainly look out for both of them.

  2. apgaylard said

    dvnutrix: Thanks.

  3. nih1 said

    I sent this xkcd cartoon to a friend when it originally came out. He sent me back an extra field to the right: “Philosophers: Do I hear other voices?” Brilliant!

  4. apgaylard said

    nih1: That’s so good it should have been on the original. Thanks for stopping by.

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