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Not Very Illuminating

Posted by apgaylard on November 22, 2007

It seems that I’ve bottomed out the evidence for the efficacy of Lightwave Stimulation (LWS) therapy in Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): there is none.

The Sound Learning Centre has just been in touch to confirm that they are not aware of trials reported in peer-reviewed journals. They also concede that whatever is in their only published reference, “Light Years Ahead“, is not equivalent to a study published in a peer-reviewed journal.

What were they able to offer? There was the usual reference to ‘anecdotal evidence‘ and their experiences. They also claim to have put together their own internal research.

The Sound Learning Centre did say their experiences with SAD sufferers do not constitute proper research. Well, I’m with them on that one.

In summary: they have nothing.

The response also included a curious comment. I had put it to them that they are offering a medical intervention for SAD. They said that they do not offer medical interventions; very odd. SAD is a medical condition that they say they can treat with a therapy. This sounds medical to me.

So, where does that leave us?

The BBC broadcast an advertorial for a therapy for which there is no evidence of effectiveness.

The Sound Learning Centre knows that they have no proper evidence; but will sell you the treatment anyway.

By the way, they don’t think that they are offering medical interventions. I wonder if their clients have the same view.  Anyway, if you need one of those: see your doctor.


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